Tau Research Ltd has significantly enhanced the functionality of versatile environmental sensors through our innovative AI-analytics layer. Developed after extensive research, this technology integrates seamlessly with sensors from various suppliers, providing advanced, high-performing capabilities. These user-friendly, budget-conscious solutions empower growers to leverage cutting-edge technology efficiently and effectively.

At TAU, we offer flexible pricing to suit every grower's needs. Our subscription plans come with an upfront cost for hardware, providing continuous access to our advanced monitoring technology. Additionally, we offer a hardware leasing option that combines the cost of leasing the hardware with the subscription plan in one convenient, single price, simplifying payments and ensuring you get both the technology and the insights you need without any hassle. Also, each crop has a customized offering designed to its specific needs and the requirements of our customers. Click the links below to explore the options available for your specific crop.

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Our interests lie firmly in providing actionable insights from data-driven analytics with the combination of AI and IoT for real-time environmental monitoring and continuous event-driven simulations.

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