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We are committed to making advanced sensor technologies affordable, user-friendly, and highly beneficial by offering integrated sensor networks with advanced crop analytics.




Our Sensors

State-of-the-Art Sensor Hardware

Connectivity Options 3G/4G, Wifi and Ethernet
Long Battery Life Long-life of 10 years
Extended Range 10km outdoors and 2km indoors
Robust Warranty 12 months manufacturer warranty

SenseCAP soil moisture, temperature sensor

SenseCAP soil moisture, temperature, EC sensor

SenseCAP leaf wetness sensor


1. Weather Monitoring

Growing Degree Days (GDD) and Chill Hours

Discover how our Foundational Insights plan can simplify your farming routine. Using satellite data, this plan continuously monitors plant water uptake, saving you time and labor. It tracks Growing Degree Days (GDD) and chill hours, helping you pinpoint the best times for planting and harvesting. Our Powdery Mildew Index also guides you on when to apply fungicides to prevent disease and keep your plants healthy. This all-in-one approach cuts down on manual work, saves resources, and improves your farm's efficiency.

Real-Time Evapotranspiration (ET) Data

Automatically monitor plant water uptake. This information helps you adjust irrigation precisely, reducing water wastage and ensuring your plants receive exactly what they need and when they need it. This method significantly reduces water wastage and can enhance water-use efficiency by 20-30%.

2. Soil Moisture & Nutrient Analytics

Soil Moisture and Electrical Conductivity (EC) Monitoring

Our technology optimizes irrigation and fertilization by using field capacity and stress line thresholds in soil moisture and user-defined boundaries of Electrical Conductivity (EC) data. This precision approach controls stress levels, promoting both vegetative and generative growth, which enhances the development of flowers and fruits. Using soil moisture sensors can significantly reduce water wastage and can further enhance water-use efficiency by 20-50%.

Timely Flushing Scheduling

Our system recommends the timing of flushing—a critical process that eliminates excess salts when a low water deficit aligns with high EC levels. This timely intervention restores nutrient balance and ensures healthy plant growth by effectively washing away accumulated salts from the root zone.

3. Disease Management

Fruit Rot (Colletotrichum acutatum), Grey mold (Botrytis cinerea), and Powdery Mildew Risk Indices

Our system improves disease management by providing early detection and insights, allowing growers to act before significant damage occurs. By using our disease risk indices to detect early signs of Anthracnose, Grey mold, and Powdery Mildew growers can promptly apply fungicides, optimize spraying schedules, and adopt practices like enhancing air circulation and maintaining field hygiene.

Using Preventative Measures

Stay ahead of potential fungal outbreaks with our system's early warnings based on real-time conditions and the likelihood of disease, enabling you to take preventative actions without the need for constant manual monitoring.

Our Pricing Plans

At TAU, we offer flexible pricing to suit every grower's needs. Our subscription plans come with an upfront cost for hardware, providing continuous access to our advanced monitoring technology. Additionally, we offer a hardware leasing option which combines the cost of leasing the hardware with the subscription plan in one convenient, single price, simplifying payments and ensuring you get both the technology and the insights you need without any hassle.

Hardware Prices

Sensor Type Price (NZD) excluding gst
Tau Moisture, Temp, EC sensor 789.99
Tau Moisture, Temp sensor 489.99
Tau Leaf wetness 585.99

Warranty: At Tau Research, we stand behind our products with confidence. That's why we offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty to ensure the reliability of our hardware. We guarantee the accuracy of the data and will promptly replace the hardware if it doesn't provide accurate readings. Your satisfaction and trust in our technology are our top priorities.


Secure Our Special Launch Price: Growers can lock in our special launch prices and choose their start time, with the option to schedule up to two months in advance. Hurry, as this limited-time offer is valid for one month only! (minimum three-month hardware lease)

Exciting Offer for Select Growers!

We are excited to present an exclusive offer for a select group of growers. For up to three months, we are offering our hardware- including a base station and either 2x soil-moisture sensors or 1x soil-moisture EC sensor-free of charge.

During this offer period, you will only need to cover the monthly charge of $34.99 per sensor/month. This offer allows you to experience our technology firsthand. Once you see the benefits and reliability, you can choose to purchase the equipment to continue reaping the rewards.

This exclusive offer is available to a select group of growers. Secure your place now by reaching out!




Exploring Success: Our Pilot Study and Customer Insights

Kaipaki Berries

We are collaborating closely with Kaipaki Berries, one of our key customers, after rigorously testing the reliability and functionality of our technology. Together, we are focusing on utilizing cost-effective sensors to replace manual practices, concentrating on disease risk management, moisture, and Electrical Conductivity (EC) monitoring. These innovations are critical for Kaipaki Berries as they transition to more automated solutions to enhance operational efficiency and agricultural productivity.

Our Pilot Study

In partnership with SGNZ, Berryworld, and a leading strawberry grower, we are conducting a 10-month Pilot Study to prove specific irrigation and fertigation strategies, demonstrating the benefits of continuous monitoring. This study aims to quantify how ongoing monitoring can boost yield and minimize disease risks.

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